What Are Your Rights

What Are Your Rights As A Victim?

Victim Bill of Rights
Title 19 O.S. 215.33

  • To be notified that a court proceeding to which a victim or witness has been subpoenaed will or will not go on as scheduled, in order to save the person an unnecessary trip to court;To receive protection from harm and threats of harm arising from cooperation with law enforcement and prosecution efforts, and to be provided with information as to the level of protection available and how to access protection;
  • To be informed of financial assistance and other social services available as a result of being a witness or a crime victim, including information on how to apply for the assistance and services;
  • To be informed of procedure to be followed in order to apply for and receive any witness fees to which the victim or witness is entitled;
  • To be informed of the procedure to be followed in order to apply for and receive any restitution to which the victim is entitled;
  • To be provided, whenever possible, a secure waiting area during court proceedings that does not require close proximity to defendants and families and friends of defendants;
  • To have any stolen or other personal property expeditiously returned by law enforcement agencies when no longer needed as evidence. If feasible, all such property, except weapons, currency, contraband, property subject to evidentiary analysis and property of which the ownership is disputed, shall be returned to the person;
  • To be provided with appropriate employer intercession services to ensure that employer of victims and witnesses will cooperate with the criminal justice process in order to minimize an employee’s loss of pay and other benefits resulting from court appearances;
  • To have the family members of all homicide victims afforded all of the services under this section, whether or not the person is to be a witness in any criminal proceedings;
  • To be informed of any plea bargain negotiations;
  • To have victim impact statements filed with the judgment and sentence;
  • To be informed if a sentence is overturned, remanded for new trial or otherwise modified by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals;
  • To be informed in writing of all statutory rights;
  • To be informed that when any family member is required to be a witness by a subpoena from the defense, there must be a showing that the witness can provide relevant testimony as to the guilt or innocence of the defendant rule to remove potential witnesses;
  • To be notified of Pardon and Parole Board actions if you request notification; and
  • To be informed in felony cases involving violent crime or sex offenses when pre-trial proceedings may substantially delay prosecution.